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A Tribute and a Song Dedicated to My Wonderful Cousin Tim
Tim and his lovely wife Trudy
I have a wonderful family back home where I was born in Memphis, Tennessee. My people are the salt of the earth; strong, beautiful, intelligent, devoted people, with deep ties to the country where our grandmothers and grandfathers experienced their full share of hardship and joy, working fine old farms and living in harmony with the land. I cherish both my heritage and the many wonderful members of my family with whom I share that heritage. One such person is my dear cousin Tim, who was diagnosed with an extremely serious illness a few months back. You can read about his great challenge and courage by clicking either on his and his wife Trudy's picture above, or on the link below.
I went home to Memphis recently for some time to visit. Before I did, I wrote a song to bring to Tim that reflects both my love and appreciation for Tim and also for our family's shared faith. It is the beautiful faith of our mothers and fathers, the abiding devotion of our country churches, that got our family through the many hardships they experienced throughout our history; a history that echoes the very history of our nation.
God bless Tim, and God bless us all. May we constantly remember our close ties with one another-- we are truly all part of the family of God.
    -- Rainey
Note: The guitars you hear on the track are being played by another cousin of mine, the enormously talented Jimmy Davis ( his website is <www.jimmydavis.net> Go there and listen to this terrific artist!) who graciously helped me demo Tim's song at his studio in Memphis. My Jimmy, my hero, I love you!

Read about Tim's Story here.

Click here to listen to"Tim's Hymn"

Well Done,Thou Good and Faithful Servant  (Tim’s Hymn)
~~by Rainey
Well done, thou good and faithful servant
Are the words I long to hear
From the lips of my own dear Master
Precious Jesus, lend Thy Ear
Though I know Thou knowest every sorrow
Every burden I must bear
But You make every burden lighter
Precious Jesus, always near
Always near, in times of trial and trouble
Always near, we never walk alone
There’s a Strength that’s Greater than all others
He is the Rock, and my heart shall be His throne
And when all my trials are all over
And I’ve given all this life demands
I’ll have the peace that passes understanding
Resting in my Savior’s loving Hands
Loving Hands, that lead me to still waters
Loving Hands, restore my tired soul
Giving peace that passes understanding
Love unending, Love untold
Loving Hands, that lead me to still waters
Loving Hands, restore my tired soul
Giving peace that passes understanding
Love unending, Love untold
Well done, thou good and faithful servant

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