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And we have been anxiously working through lo, these many nights, to get samples of Rainey's incredible music up for you as the CD Bring On the Fire is ready to ship! So sit back, relax, and get ready to be blown away as you listen to the sound of the incomparable Rainey on samples from the very hot, rock-classic CD "BRING ON THE FIRE"!!!
Rainey's new CD "Bring on the Fire" with 12 big tracks (plus a special surprise bonus track) as follows: *click on the titles to hear samples of the songs*


Bring On The Fire

A classic rock cut with Rainey's motto right in the hook. Written by her good friends, Jack Conrad and John Vastano (who can be heard wailing in the background with his own fine voice) this song features one of the world's foremost rock guitarists, Rocket Ritchotte, slashing out the solo and revealing himself as the divine force of nature he is!

Love Kills

Another towering tune from the genius of Jack Conrad, this time partnered with the very talented lyricist, Don Goodman. 

Secret Secret

One of Rainey's favorite songs with one of Rainey's favorite Rocket solos. Secret Secret is all about forbidden love, and is written by three men, two of whom are kings in Rainey's heart; one who is the drummer on this cut as well as most of the cuts on this album- the legendary Brad Swanson; and the other, the king of the keyboard players, who plays most if not all of the keyboards on this album, the incredible Harpo Hilfman. Steve Bonino, a wonderful songwriter in his own right, rounds out this trio of fabulous writers.

Young Romans

More music from the extraordinary talent of Brad Swanson! Rainey says this song to her reflects the state of Western civilization today, the heirs of the Roman Empire. Now that's kind of heavy, and we told Rainey to lighten up, but she just shrugged her shoulders and said she was late for a show at the Coliseum.

Feel Like Makin' Love

One of two remakes on the album, Feel Like Makin' Love lends itself perfectly to Rainey's rock sensibilities. In Rainey's hands the song becomes a beautiful evocation of the primal shakti of Woman's sexuality.

You Ain't Leavin'

A classic rock ballad, featuring a searing sax solo from James Pollock.

I Want Your Love

Get on the freight train of rock for a wild ride, with the spectacular performance of the one and only Bob Birch, playing an unbelievable bass-line with almost super-human ability. There are no techno-tricks or illusions used here, just the raw, pure power of one of the greatest bass players in the world.

Tell Me

Classic Rainey-rock.

Woman In a Man's World

Rock with a Southern sensibility, Woman In a Man's World is a cry from the depth of the blues-roots in Rainey's soul.

Keep Your Hands Off My Baby

A song which makes us all believe ya'll best be keepin' your friggin' hands offen Rainey's baybah!

Red Hot Love

One of Rainey's favorites to perform onstage, this classic Southern-flavored rouser is from Jack Conrad and a genuine Southern-rock legend himself, Delaney Bramlett. If you listen closely, you'll hear the also-legendary Bonnie Bramlett, of Bonnie & Delaney, and daughter Becka singing superb back-up.

Isn't It Time

In Rainey's opinion, the jewel of the collection. Isn't It Time is the other cover on the CD, and is one more hell-of-a-song written by Jack Conrad and Ray Kennedy. A mega-hit by the Babys, Rainey does her friends Jack and Ray proud in this awesome rendition. And that's the incredible Rainey as well, stacking the back-ups in an exquisite tower of sound...

And as a special addition to an already fantastic album, as a special "thank you" to all the wonderful fans that have shown her so much support and love, Rainey wants to include as a bonus track, her six minute international hit, "Old Enough To Rock and Roll" from the movie, "Iron Eagle"! Because there's no greedy record company mogul hanging over her head and telling her not to!! Yeah!!

Rainey's new CD "Bring On the Fire" can be yours for just $16.99 plus $6.00 shipping and handling (international orders please add $5.00 to shipping cost)! We are so sure you're going to love this CD that we offer it to you with a complete money-back guarantee if, after you hear it, you're not 100% certain that this woman is one of the most wonderful singers on the planet!

Don't miss out!! Order yours today, while supplies last!!!