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Rainey has worked with so many talented players and singers throughout her life and we're going to mention a few of her favorites here. As this site builds, we'll be adding stories and experiences with some very famous and not so famous people Rainey has had the pleasure of working with.

So far, we have pages for Rocket Ritchotte and Robbie Drumm. Robbie Drumm's page can be found by clinking the link "Next Musical Friends page" at the bottom of this page.

Rocket Ritchotte
One very gifted person that Rainey wants you to know about is her good friend and co-writer Rocket Ritchotte. Rocket co-wrote the beautiful "Through Those Eyes Again", "You Lied To Me" and "Rhonda Lee" with Rainey (all available for downloading here) He also performed all the guitar, pedal steel and bass tracks as well as engineering and producing the three songs. You can even hear his fine back-up singing on "Rhonda Lee"!
Rocket and Rainey have been friends since the year 1981 when they played together in bands in the Los Angeles area.

This incredible multi-talented player performed with the new incarnation of Lou Gramm and Foreigner at Madalay Bay in Las Vegas recently.

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