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HUNCHBACK's stirring finale, this song is an anthem to the enduring power of love.

We'll Never Be Parted
(lyrics and music by Rainey)

(The Poet's final soliloquy, prologue to "We'll Never Be Parted":)

Please forgive, dear audience
If some of you have found offense
With any one of these sad sights or sounds
Heard here tonight
We did our very best to tell this tale
Which wasn't ours to change
To suit a need for happier endings
The story's old,
A giant's, told a hundred some-odd years ago-
No doubt, a hundred years from now
Long after these poor mouths have turned to dust
Will still be told
But if you are too sad, remember this:
It's just a tale, with no more substance
Than a shadow, or a thought
And there we find a riddle:
What then's more real, the teller and his tear?
Or that which will remain
Long after all these tellers disappear?

(Sung by the Poet:)

Take a step
And then look behind
Watch things change
In space and time
Wonder what
To depend upon
When all we see
All too soon is gone

But we'll never be parted
That's the only unchangeable thing
No, we'll never be parted
Whatever the Unknown may bring
No, we'll never be parted

(Sung by Phoebus:)

It's not right
When true hearts break
And it's not right
The toll that sorrow can take
But if you think
That you've seen it all
All there is
Then, darling, you are wrong

Cause we'll never be parted
That's the one thing I know for sure
No, we'll never be parted
This spirit of love will endure
And shine through the illusion
Of a separate loneliness
Yes, endure through the heartaches
Exposing the lie of the past

(Sung by Frollo:)

Shadows pass
Across the sun
Mistakes are made
And great wrongs are done
But like a phoenix
Soars the heart
Wounds are healed
When forgiveness starts

And we'll never be parted
There's a reason that comes from above
No, we'll never be parted
The name of that reason is love
For us to be parted
Is pure impossibility
How can we be parted
When you are part of me?

(Sung by the Hunchback and Esmeralda:)

You're in my mind
You are in my heart
You're in the deepest
Dearest part
And the deepest part
Is the part that lasts
Forever after
These dark dreams have passed

(Sung by All:)

And we'll never be parted
No, no one can take you from me
No we'll never be parted
That is Love's guarantee
And the past has no power
No more than what we will allow
We will never be parted
Love waits for us here in the now
Oh, we'll never be parted
In this instant of Love, Time stands still
And we gaze at Forever
And finally find what is real
Oh, we'll never be parted
Deep down we all know that it's true
How could we be parted?
When the best part of me is in you
Oh we'll never be parted
For this one thing is true
The best part of you
Is the very best part of me
And that part will be
Forever and


©1998 through 2009 Treasure Island Music / All Rights Reserved