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A piece of pure, wrenching pathos, this song is sung by the Hunchback as he prepares to join his beloved Esmeralda in her grave.
  A Place Called Home
(music and lyrics by Rainey)
(Sung by the Hunchback:)

A place where one is safe
From every wrong
A place called home
A place that no one else
Can call their own
A place called home
Home can mean so many different things
To those like me
Those who've never known
Who've never had
Anything like home

A house
Isn't nearly the same
Just a sheltering stop
To get out of the rain
Or a room
Or some refuge apart
No, a home is a place
Where a man keeps his heart

To find a place to stay
The heart must go
And give itself away
If it's ever to belong
Ever to find, find its own way home

Once, I was only a wanderer
Not finding rest or company
Knowing the loneliness wouldn't cease
Till I lay down
My soul to keep

At home, I've found my home
My place to rest
That I can call my own
Where I won't have to hide
From anyone
My very own sweet home
At last my heart
Has found its home sweet home
At last I've found
The place that I'll call home

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