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Perhaps the most lushly beautiful of all HUNCHBACK's ballads, this love duet between Esmeralda and Phoebus uses intertwined, counterpoint melodies to achieve its stirring emotional power. From the first verse ("It's hard to trust anyone...") to the final refrain ("I'll be your safe harbor"), the song beautifully expresses the timeless themes of love and commitment.
Safe Harbor
(lyrics and music by Rainey)

                                             (A Duet for Phoebus and Esmeralda)

(Sung by Phoebus:)                                                                      (Sung by Esmeralda:)

When dreams have all come undone
And those you thought friends are gone
Turn to my arms and run
I'll be your safe harbor

And maybe I'll never be
All that you saw in me
But one thing, devotedly
I'll be, your safe harbor
                                                                                                              And when you try                                                                                                             To fly, and you risk it all
                                                                                                            I will be standing by,
                                                                                                           Ready to break your fall

It's hard to trust anyone                                                                                      Fall
To break through and tear walls down                                                                Into
To let yourself think you've found                                                                    My arms
Your own, your safe harbor                                                                   Your own, your safe harbor

Now                                                                                                       How does a heart begin
We must                                                                                                To open, let someone in
Begin                                                                                                    To let itself feel and then
To find a safe harbor                                                                                To find a safe harbor

                                              Faith's a gift only brave hearts bestow
                                                 And whether or not my heart
                                               Could be that brave, I don't know
                                                     But if we love and lose
                                                    It's better than never to
                                                      Have loved at all
When you're tired to the bone                                                                                  All
And you can go no farther                                                                                      At all
I'll be there, I'll get you home                                                                              I know you
I'll be your safe harbor                                                                                I'll be your safe harbor
Take                                                                                                       When the storm is threatening
It all                                                                                                       And the dark clouds gather
All my love                                                                                              When it breaks, don't be afraid
We'll find a safe harbor                                                                             We'll find a safe harbor

Come                                                                                                       Maybe my time has come
To Me                                                                                                    And this rose will bloom for me
Maybe this love will lead                                                                                       Let me be           
Straight to                                                                                                             Your own
Your safe harbor                                                                                               Your safe harbor

Oh, how I could hide behind your eyes                                                                    Love me
Hold me through all these lonely nights                                                                   Hold me   
Show me                                                                                           This is the love I've waited for
Tell me                                                                                          Tell me and make my heart be sure
                                                         That this is right, and rightfully
                                                         We are this close, surrendering
                                                         Taking our lives, and promising
                                                         One to the other, faithfully

When the winds blow cold and rough                                                                      Fall
And the fight grows harder                                                                                      Into
When you feel you've had enough                                                                       My arms
I'll be your safe harbor                                                                                 I'll be your safe harbor

Now                                                                                                   When the dark descends on you
We must                                                                                                  And you're in deep water
Begin                                                                                                   Don't despair, I'm with you too
To find our safe harbor                                                                                 We’ll find our safe harbor

Straight to my arms and run                                                                               I know you
I'll be your safe harbor                                                                                 I'll be your safe harbor
Your safe harbor                                                                                               Your safe harbor
Your safe harbor                                                                                               Your safe harbor

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