"(Oh Let Me Be) Your Obsession"

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A new twist on the seduction song, "Obsession" succeeds in combining innocence and lust in a homage to male power and sexuality combined with a fervent prayer for peace and harmony between the Universal Male and Female Principle. "Oh, let me be your obsession. Your love's in need of expression!" Musically, the song lilts, swells, and sparkles in a brilliant and infectious melding of Western classical and Mideastern exotic, made all the more entertaining by the Gypsy girls' dancing.
(Oh, Let Me Be) Your Obsession
(lyrics and music by Rainey)
(Sung by Esmeralda and her gypsy sisters:)
Oh let me be your obsession
My love could be your possession
All through the night, all through the day
Think of my love in a special way

Oh let us be your obsession
In our love you'll see your reflection
The cares of the day, let us erase
Forgetting all else in our soft embrace

Oh let us be your obsession
Your love is in need of expression
You won't be alone, these moments you'll own
Till all that we are, all our secrets known

Arousal is sacred in this man's world
And we are the Vestal Virgins
Let us tend your Sacred Flame
And we will keep it eternal

Oh let us be your obsession
Together complete in ascension
Ancient memories dwell, behind the Veil
The True Self waits, dancing, beyond the Pale

Imagine the pleasure that Love can bring you
We'll be the guides who will take you there
Abandon the fear of the Yes within you
Yield to Desire, pure Love to share

Praise Shiva! The Goddess decrees
We mirror Life's deep mysteries
And find in the night,
Through the little death, light
The Temple is rent, the Sheath welcomes the Knife

Let us now weave the Magic Rope
The Rope that will lift us up higher
Uncoiling through ages, reaching outward
Spanning and fanning the Fire

Oh let us be your obsession
With Love, there's no need of confession
Part of the Main, of Love's golden chain
Two Halves of the Holy, One in the Same

Oh Isis, Athene, Diane
Aphrodite, Whose servant I am
Oh teach us the way, more fully to pray
And worship upon the Altar of Man

Rejoice in the conquest of surrender
Eros' Purse must be spent to save
Without the slave there can be no master
In matters of Love, masters serve the slave

Oh let us be your obsession
Our love could be your possession
All through the night, all through the day
Think of our love in a special way

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