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"Where would we be without Shame?" asks this clever lampoon of Christian piety. Sung by the evil Frollo and backed up by dancing nuns, the number begins darkly but evolves into a hilarious send-up that makes a telling point about conventional morality.
(lyrics and music by Rainey)
(Sung by Frollo:)

Ever since the Garden of Eden, we've had a problem
Wild and reckless women out of control!
How will we ever get to Heaven?
How will we ever get there with them
Dragging the rest of us down below?
Sometimes I wonder if God knew what He was doing
It's basic to know how to quit while You're still ahead
Taking a perfectly good rib and
Working while Adam was asleep then
Leaving poor Adam to contend with
The very thing he had to dread

Without Shame, without Shame, without Shame
Adam woke without Shame
Without Shame, without Shame, without Shame
Had to cope without Shame
By the time he knew to run for cover
That Garden party was all over
Paradise was lost because they had no Shame

Only a bite and then both pairs of eyes were opened
One tiny bite made it clearer than it could be
The Price of Knowing Good and Evil
Made self-respect beyond retrieval
And shame to think they had received the
The Last Free Lunch of History

Such a Shame, such a Shame, such a Shame
There it was, such a Shame
What a Shame, what a Shame, what a Shame
Yes indeed, what a Shame
Don't kid yourselves that things are different
Their Sin forever left its imprint
And our one salvation is to know our Shame

Praise, give thanks unto the Lord
If you know what's good for you
And if our guidance you refuse
You'll find Hell is nothing to
Yeah! That's right!
How do you think you'll get to Heaven?
No, no, you'll never get to Heaven
No way to ever get there without Shame

Where would the rest of us all be if
The Rank and File were feeling free, if
They ran about here Shamelessly
Without a stitch of shame to answer to?

Without Shame, without Shame, not a thing
Could be done without Shame
We need Shame, we need Shame, to sustain
I maintain, we need Shame
The only thing we've got to threaten
Is that they'll never get to Heaven
No, no, they'll never get there without Shame
You have to pay for what you're given
You have to suffer for your living
Oh no, you can't exist without Shame
And now as it was in the Beginning
The Game insures they'll keep on sinning
And we'll keep winning, yes, without Shame
We'll keep on winning, boys, without Shame
We'll keep on winning without Shame!

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