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Seldom has any song expressed the pure ecstasy of existence as charmingly as "Paradise." Sung by the Gypsy ingenue Esmeralda, the song combines unbridled, childlike joy with wise and gentle instruction in the art of enjoying life.
It's Paradise
(lyrics and music by Rainey)
(Sung by Esmeralda:)

Sun kissing your skin
It's Paradise
Wine filled to the brim
It's Paradise
White clouds roll across blue skies
A rose blooms right before your eyes
In Paradise, it's Paradise

Birds sing a sweet song
In Paradise
The breeze sings along
In Paradise
The dawn brings another day
It's all free, it's just given away
In Paradise, it's Paradise

Ooh, look around you
It's all here, we're in Paradise
Ooh, Heaven's found you
You've appeared here in Paradise
Oh no, never hesitate
It's only asked you appreciate

Cool rain on my tongue
It's Paradise
A new evening begun
In Paradise
Night's necklace of diamond lights
And the silver moon start their rise
In Paradise, in Paradise

Ooh, look around you
Another day here in Paradise
Ooh, somehow you've
Found your way into Paradise
Drink deeply of Love, my friend
You'll drink, and drink
Never reaching the end

Come ride the wheel, come and feel how the earth is turning
All is turning this moment for you
Why deny or defy all your inner yearning
It's wrong to waste all that waits to come true
So break the chains that remain of remorse and longing
The price you've paid has been more than enough
Feel the bliss like a kiss, happiness, belonging
Come drink your fill at the Fountain of Love

And when it's over
We won't ask for a moment more
To know, to discover
What this mystic existence was for
For living and giving thanks
For every glimpse of Experience
Enjoy and join in the Dance
In Paradise, in Paradise
In Paradise

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