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The classic lament of society's misfits. Quasimodo the Hunchback pours out his rage and torment at being treated as a freak all his life. "I'm human!" he cries, then, bitterly indicating the mob "...if you call this humanity!"
(lyrics and music by Rainey)

(Sung by the Hunchback:)
Who's the one? Tell me, who decides
Who gets to belong, who has to stay outside
In the rain, yeah and it can pour
Who's calling out the names
Before they close that door

All my life I've paid a debt I never made
Why not you? What did I ever do?
Always made to suffer persecution just for
Being not like you

I'm Human, but I ask myself do I want to be
Human, if you call this humanity
Little minds, fed on spite
Full of fear, shut down tight
Comfortable with cruelty
With no idea of what it means to be

Who's the one? Tell me who decides
Who gets to be born, and who has to die?
Is it fair that some won't live
While others choose to waste
All they've got to give?

Pass around that slightly soured Cup of Human Kindness
Yeah, and God Bless
Throw the dog its crumb, your charity is done, it's mindless

I'm Human, I live, I breathe, I need, I dream
I'm Human, I hide, I cry, I sin, I scream
I sometimes wonder what you could want
You have everything that I don't
And still consumed with a deathless greed
You're all compelled to see me bleed
It's Inhuman, Inhuman

Sometimes I think that I'll get away
From this agony
But it only goes on and on and on
And in this nightmare I am alone

There's one thing I can thank you for
I don't envy you, no not anymore
What I've seen has frightened me
And my own ugliness is just skin-deep

I'm Human, but I ask myself do I want to be
Human, if you call this Humanity
Somewhere within your secret soul
You must suspect, you must know
That the things you do, that you believe
Are so beneath what I conceive
To be Human

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