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We welcome you to the internet home of one of the world's finest singers,
"...A singer’s singer... an unforgettable musical experience..." – Phillip Anderson, L.A. Weekly
"...As a reference point, Rainey’s world-class voice has the grit of Melissa Etheridge, the soul of Tina Turner and the sweet purity of Annie Lennox. Philosophically speaking, if a tree fell in the forest with no one there to hear it, it was probably because her powerhouse pipes knocked the son-of-a-bitch down..." – Phillip Hardy, SoundtheSiren.com
"...Kinda like watching Ella Fitzgerald channel Janis Joplin... or maybe it’s the other way around. But mostly when I listen to her sing, I am reminded of a 747 taking off from a runway-- all power and thunder and then-- you're up in the sky somewhere...” – Sam T. Houston, San Antonio Express-News

We, at RaineyOnline.com, very much enjoy sending out Raineymusic and Raineyinformation to her many fans all around the world.
We welcome beautiful Winter in all Her lustrous glory!!
Winter has wrapped Her chilly, lovely, arms around us here at the old And Holly Farm!
From our office here in the big white barn on Rainey's farm in the Pacific Northwest, we can look out the windows and see the woods, fields and gardens of Frog Hill recumbent beneath the dusting of early winter frost. It's so beautiful throughout all the seasons, but dang! Winter is fantastic!

Welcome to Wonderful Winter at the And Holly Farm on Frog Hill!

Come on out into the beautiful (if chilly!) Winter day! We'll walk in the cold, crisp, winter's morning with our steaming coffee in hand! Lovely!

Rainey's written a poem extolling the delight of Winter. It's called "Frost Garden", and we present it here for your enjoyment!

Frost Garden

As we said...
here at Raineyonline.com, you will find the latest information on one of the world's finest singers- 
and we'll back up that statement now with some quotes from a few of our many emails recently received from all over the world.
 A note from 'Wildcard' :
Dear Rainey,
Okay so maybe I was putting to high an expectation on this song, I mean it couldnt be as good as the movie version right?? WRONG!! its better Rainey amazing job thank you so much!! I love it. Naturally its blaring right now as i write this, btw I had know idea you were so hot;) figures with vocals like yours.  anyhow..just wow I have a 8 month old daughter, and shes already hooked she was dancing like crazy lol.  So you've already got another generation of fans, I dont know if your still making music but if you are point me in the direction of everything you got!!.  Okay sorry for the novel here I just wanted you to know how special a thing you've done here:).  Oh yes and one more thing thanks for the personal on the cd as if it couldnt be any more awesome!
                                                      Love always your devoted fan
                                                      J. S.(aka)wildcard xoxox
 Here's one to "Miss Fabulous Voice" who's like 
"ten great singers in one"!-

the music, your voice, i can't pick a favorite, but i can tell you i love Love Kills, You Aint leavin' , Secret Secret and Feel Like makin Love, but I love them all, and i think i want more, i think i'll just e mail you now as " Miss Fabulous Voice." i don't know how to describe it but your singing style is so unique, it's like ten great singers in one, out of this world and never duplicated, upbeat, rockin' or relaxed, you got it all girl. Keep on rockin' the fabulous tunes Rainey.

  Ed M.- Hampton, Virginia"

And one from Germany, to "The Queen of Voices"-

"Hey Rainey!
What a great morning!
I ordered 2 Singles yesterday, because I have a good friend
and he's seeking this Song "Old Enough to Rock and Roll" for 20 years or so....
He would fall out of the clouds, when he gets it! :-)
How long does that take, till they are here...
And yesterday (just before sleeping) I thought.....
Well.... Can't we give that single to a radio or so?
I really think that this song will break in and rock the charts!
There's so much trash in our charts and your voice and this song could make it!...... again.
You know, I make differences between all those people making music.
There are loads of entertainers...
But nowadays there are only a few artists.
And you are an artist, you have spirit in your music, you are Queen of Voices!
There are so many people in Germany and all over the world (I read through loads of bulletin boards....)
They would go crazy to hear you on Radio...

Loads of love,
Claudia K.- Blomberg, Germany"

And just in from Japan:

"Hi, Rainey. I've just received the CD for Old Enough to Rock and Roll.
You rock!!! This is the coolest rock'in song I've ever heard and you're
the greatest and most powerful rock singer in U.S!!!
I hope you visit Japan and have a live concert.
One of my dreams has come true today! I'll cherish this as my life time
Thank you so very much, Rainey and all the staff! I wish your happiness
and that you will be in activity as full as ever.
-KEN O. from Osaka, JAPAN"

Sweet! And now, an announcement:

We are proud to announce (finally) the release of Rainey's awesome rock musical, The Hunchback! Click here to find out all about it!

Be sure and listen to samples from Rainey's music by clicking on "CD" in the column to the left, and find out just what these people are talking about.

We are awesomely excited to announce the arrival of Rainey's latest CD...Presenting....
The Singer!
Preview this wonderful and moving collection of songs from one of the world's most talented and powerful singers by simply clicking on "The Singer" in the left hand column on this page. We guarantee you'll love it!
Rainey's been working like mad to get out the next CD, definitely to be titled DEVILS FOOL YA, which we also guarantee you WILL LOVE! We'll have definitive word on that in the very next few weeks. Definitely.

Bring On the Fire is a compilation of twelve remarkable tunes sung by one of the world's best singers. Samples from the CD can be found at the "Bring On The Fire" link on the left hand side of this page. They're on fire! Bring 'em on! 

The "What's New" section of our website will give you news about Rainey's song from the movie "Iron Eagle" called "Old Enough to Rock and Roll"! 

It will also include stuff about Rainey that other people are saying. Very nice.

We regret that we have had to disable our guestbook for a while, while we determine how to best combat the deluge of spambot attacks we have suffered. We hope to find a solution soon, because Rainey loves to hear about how you're doing. Why not just send her an email? Then we can put it in the mailbag section, which the spider-spambots can't find!  So HAH! 

And we are happy to announce that Rainey has completed a big book of beautiful poetry/incredible photographs of her spectacular garden and farm called "The Splendor of the Given". We have published here, right below the topmost photograph on this page, for the very first time and for your enjoyment, a beautiful poem from that book called "The Birds Have Made A Garden". Click on the link directly below the poem to see Rainey's beautiful book of poetry, "The Splendor of the Given", and find out how to order this newest offering from the mind and heart of Rainey.

We're also glad the mailbag is finally getting underway. Please take a look at some of the many emails Rainey has received from around the world.
Another new thing you'll find in the sidebar is a Photo Gallery of great musicians that have played with Rainey. On each photo there will be a link telling a bit about each one.

On this site we'll include everything about Rainey, including a recordings list, news and gossip, photos, show reviews, and more. You'll be able to listen to Rainey's newest music, as well as some of her old favorites!

Thanks for taking a look at our site. Be sure to get in touch with us to tell us your thoughts and suggestions. We'll be updating frequently, so please check back often.

Rainey left Los Angeles in 1992 to live on an island in the Northwest. She has a recording studio on her farm where she lives with her husband Rob, and her son Jack. Her older son Robin still lives in Los Angeles where he makes music as a recording engineer and disk jockey.

Besides writing and recording songs in her island studio, Rainey paints and sculpts in her workspace in the big white barn on the property. We have added pictures of the farm (you can find them at the link below), and we'll soon be adding pictures of Rainey's ongoing body of work. But for now, click on the links to the side of the page and below to hear the music of this wonderful performer.

You can find pictures of Rainey's farm HERE.


Click here to download free Rainey music
For those of Rainey's friends who have Mac computers, please go to the "What's New" section to find "Five Days and Five Nights" playable on Macs.